Lab Use Policy

The following rules must be adhered to in order to use the wireless or cable network of the University while using computer laboratories or mobile devices.

It is forbidden to bring food and beverages to laboratories.
Working environments should be kept clean and tidy.
It is forbidden to speak loudly and disrupt the quiet and calm environment of the laboratories.
Playing in laboratories is prohibited.
It is forbidden to access web pages that do not comply with the ethical rules of society and contain other users.
It is forbidden to behave in a way that could damage the equipment of the computers in the laboratory.
It is forbidden to act on the operating systems of computers and to prevent the operation of the installed software.
It is forbidden to modify the laboratory device and computer configurations.
It is forbidden to randomly send and send e-mail (SPAM messages) outside the recipient's prompt.
It is forbidden to send insulting e-mails that are damaging to personal rights.
Each user is responsible for their own account and password.
It is prohibited to copy / transmit / publish / distribute copyrighted material (articles, articles, books, films, music, etc.) in violation of the copyrights of others.
The USB disk must be checked for viruses before they can be used.
The computer should be closed in the normal way after the laboratory study.
Our laboratories are monitored by security cameras.
Users should use the laboratories with this awareness.
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