Exemption Directive


T.C. Maltepe University

Department of Informatics

Exemption Exam Instructions For Basic Computer Teaching and Its Use (Comp. 151/152)


Purpose and Content

Article#1: The purpose of this directive is to arrange the principles of the exemption exams for Introduction to Comp. I (BIL 151) and Introduction to Comp. II. (BIL 152) courses given according to the decision of the Executive Board of the Presidency YOK. (T. C. 97.19.1429)

Article#2: These courses are scheduled according to the weekly course programs of departments; especially in the first year or second year the latest. Therefore; during the remaining course of their education, the students will be able to make use of computer facilities of our university for their different studies. (final projects, lecture/ experiment reports, graphic/ mathematical analysis, statistics, internet Access, etc. )



Article#3. This directive is organised in relation to T. C. Maltepe University Associate Degree Programs and Undergraduate Education Examination and Regulations.



Article#4. a) The exemption exam for Introduction to Comp. I is held at the beginning of the Fall Semester, apart from this, Exemption Exam for Introduction to Comp. II is held at the beginning of the Spring Semester.

b) Merely the students who renew the registration at the beginning of that academic year and start their freshman year are allowed to sit these exemption exams that have been stated above. The students who have failed this/these course(s) or failed due to absenteeism are not allowed to register for the exemption exams.-

c) The due date and hour for these exams are announced on the academic calendar. The students have to fill out the form and hand it out to the Student Affairs Office.

d) If a student is exempt, he/she can not abandon the right of exemption.

e) For the common exams, sufficient number of exam rooms, invigilators and assistants are assigned.

f) Examination papers, assessments and results are submitted to the Department of Informatics at the end of the exam. The exam results are announced by the department itself. A copy of the exam results is sent to the related department, and another copy is delivered to the Student Affairs Office providing a direct transfer of the exam results onto the Student Information System.

g) Objections to the results are evaluated by Department of Informatics and decisions are made according to the regulations and directives.  






Article#5: The passing grade for the Introduction to Computer I & II is 70 out of 100 on the exemption exam. Students who get 70 or above are considered to be exempt from that course. The grades from the exams will be assessed separately as the grades for Introduction to Computer I and Introduction to Computer II courses while the GPA is assessed.




Article#7: This guideline will be put into effect following the approval of the senate.




Article#8: Maltepe University executes this directive.

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