Message From the Founder

Dear Youth,

I believe that the qualifications and knowledge you have gained will influence you and the life you have been dreaming of.  I believe the importance of being respected in your life by the virtue of your personality, knowledge, and above all, your kindness. In addition, I believe that a qualified university education shall broaden your horizon to acquire a reputation, increase your knowledge by bringing your life and dreams together, determine your priorities, realize your strong points, and, in short, I believe that this education enable you to ask yourself this question again and again: “Who am I, and what do I really want to do?”

Maltepe University was founded with the aim of creating such an environment for you, and today, I have a strong belief that we have made this dream come true together with you through our undergraduate, graduate, master and doctoral degree programs, our vocational school, research centers operating with our educational programs, our national and international projects with multi-stakeholder, and social and cultural activities.

We continue to take significant steps in the field of internationalization in our university, which was awarded with “ECTS and Diploma Supplement Labels” by the European Commission.  Our international student congresses, organized by our students on a yearly basis, enable students from different countries to share their studies and develop joint projects, and establish good relations with each other. Our Erasmus student mobility increases every year by means of agreements with different universities abroad.

I closely follow you and appreciate your effort to form a platform where you share your perspectives and opinions freely, and implement your creativity and innovative approaches in your life. Our newspaper, Mektup, which is a joint product of your efforts, and the student clubs you have established in different areas from cinema to entrepreneurship, and from literature to technology, make Maltepe University more lively, efficient and unique. We are proud of your participation in national and international conferences, film and art festivals, and representing our university in a best way.

I believe that the power of making difference in education has an accretive effect in real life only when it can be extended beyond the classroom.  Our corporate social responsibility projects, which we carry out together with non-governmental organizations and different sectors and local administrations, enable us to use this power effectively.

The innovative and creative approach is one of the necessities of our time. Our technical facilities and equipment support this approach, and enable us to put theory and practice together. Our film plateaus, the second biggest university plateaus in Europe, attract media sector’s attention to our university. Building materials laboratory for the students of Engineering and Natural Sciences, representative courtroom for Law students and building workshop, which gives the chance of designing to the students of Faculty of Architecture and Design enhance creativity and expand our areas of practice.

Dear Youth,

I have no doubt that you have enough courage to pursue your heart, mind and dreams, and I am sure that you will continue to make the best use of these resources offered by our university to make your dreams come true, and I firmly believe that we will continue creating the difference for you all together.

I wish you all success, happiness, and joy in life.

Hüseyin Şimşek
Founder/ Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science