General Information

Onder Sahinaslan

Department of Informatics; examines the collection, processing, analysis, design, publication and management of data in the context of current information technologies. Pursuant to Article 7 / d-2 of Law No. 2547, it conducts its activity as an interdisciplinary support department depending on the rectorate in order to effectively coordinate courses in the field of informatics. Provides the organization and training of computer and informatics courses in different disciplines. Computer laboratories according to the course content according to the weekly distribution of the software creates.

In education, it is important that students become literate in computer field and use cognitive and internet technologies effectively. In addition, students will have information about current software and equipment used exclusively for their professions. In scientific researches, they gain the ability to reach reliable information sources and to prepare a homework or a report to be prepared in the desired format.

In addition to the courses in the field of ı Information Technologies li where instructional plans of the departments are defined, some courses with optional content are opened. These courses; Information Security, Web Design and Content Management, Material Design, Resource Scanning and Report Preparation, Computer Aided Design, Distance Education, Management Information Systems can be opened. In the PC and MAC laboratories, students are enriched with unique examples and contents by taking into account the department they belong to.

Computer trainings are organized in our Cultural Center building. There are 15 PCs and 3 MACs computer laboratory with high speed processor and memory capacity of 30 students. Each laboratory is supported by smart board, projection and fiber internet access.

Laboratories are constantly updated according to the conditions of the day as hardware and software. Department of Informatics contributes to the preparation of the laboratories in accordance with the curriculum at the beginning of each course in coordination with the IT department of the university.

Dr. Lecturer. Member Önder ŞAHİNASLAN

Head of Department

Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science