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Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

Students take final exams apart from their studies and previous exams. They take at least one exam for each term. Besides mid-term exams, students can be quizzed without notice.

Success criteria of assessment about courses (mid-term, homework, final term) are indicated in the curriculum and syllabus. Final terms are examined on the dates and places specified by University. Grades of the students are assessed by lecturer of the class according to midterm exams, final term exam and class attendance. Courses without exams are determined by the head of departments and this is submitted to the Registrar’s Office. Marks of those courses are assessed according to the studies of students during the term. Final grades are delivered along with the criteria of success to the Registrar’s Office by the lecturer.


For the students who registered before and in 2009 (Regulation 1-Y1):

Determining the grade of a student from a course; his/her achievement level of the course during the year or the semester, the grade average of visas and the grade of final exam are evaluated together. If appropriate, the instructor may evaluate homework or laboratory projects relating the course or the quizzes that are informed in advance as a visa or also he/she may evaluate those as an addition to the visas separately or only as one visa. However, in order to succeed a student has to get at least 50 (Grade as letter is CC) over 100 from visa, final or re-sit exam. Visa affects the achievement grade 40% and the make-up and the final exam affect 60%. Common compulsory lessons such as Turkish Literature, Fine Arts, Sport, Music are evaluated as PASS or FAIL.

For the students who registered after and in 2010 (Regulation 2-Y2):

The instructors evaluate each of their students who registered for their course, using the method of relative achievement evaluation system of MUBİS-Student Affairs System, according to the provisions 31. 32. And 33. of Maltepe University Regulation of Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education and Examination.

Grades AA, BA, BB, CB and CC refer to “PASS”, DC and DD refer to “pass” under condition of providing the achievement conditions related to total grade average that is determined in this Legislation. Grade F is evaluated for unsuccessful students.

In the table below, for the students who are liable to Legislation Y1 and Y2, course grade for the semester is given with point and coefficient equivalents.

Point equivalent

Semester Course Grade (Letter)



























Repeating course

For the students who registered before and in 2009 (Y1):

When a student does not fulfil the compulsory attendance at minimum, when a student does not get 50 at least from the final exam and when his/her average is under 50, s/he has to repeat the course.

For the students who registered after and in 2010 (Y2):

Probationary students  who get F, BZ and DZ have to take that course again in teh first semester it is opened. The ones who want to increase their grade can take any course among the ones they took once more. Attendance is a must in repeat courses.

Probationary students may repeat their courses with DD and DC grades upon request. Item 46 Article 1 is valid, thus students need to have 2.00 Cumulative Total Grade Average on graduation. Prerequisites are not valid for repeat courses.

For repeat courses the latest score is valid.

 For successful students

At the end of a semester, the students who have an average of 2.00 at least are considered as successful. The students who have Grade Point Average between 3.00-3.49 by the end of the semester taking at least normal workload are evaluated as “Honour Student” and the students who have Grade Point Average between 3.50-4.00 by the end of the semester taking at least normal workload are evaluated as “High Honour Student”.

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