Faculty of Education

Mathematics Teacher Training Program

The necessity of teaching mathematics in schools at all levels in every country is an indisputable subject. The place that a country devotes to mathematics in education should be equivalent to the place that country devotes to teaching its first language. Mathematics education is necessary for a variety of reasons. Mathematics enables individuals to unearth and develop their innate talents. Mathematics is a universal communication tool. Moreover, mathematics is a tool for reaching certainty and finding universal truths, that teaches logical thinking.

One of the most important features of mathematics is that it is a tool for students to possess high-level skills such as critical thinking, abstract thinking, analyzing and synthesizing. In this context, the mathematics education we wish to provide in our Department of Mathematics Education is primarily to implement a wide and comprehensive education program designed to train teachers who have no deficiency in content knowledge, know the methods and techniques required in mathematics teaching very well, and benefit from all the opportunities offered by technology in mathematics education.  

The purpose of this program, which we plan to implement, is to meet the increasing need for teachers by training qualified individuals who produce and transfer information. In addition to being knowledgeable and competent educators, we aim to ensure that our graduates are teachers, who are motivated to learn and teach, can work with people, can share what they know, are persistent in learning and teaching, have strong communication skills, and aim to learn for life. In addition, we aim to close the gap in this field by training mathematics teachers who will eliminate mathematics from being a nightmare of students and show the importance and application areas of mathematics to students.  

Our alumni can work as "Mathematics Teachers" in private or public educational institutions. Job opportunities of our graduates are not limited to our country. Most countries recruit teachers from abroad as immigrants as a solution to the growing teacher shortage.

In addition, our graduates can become academics in various universities by obtaining master's and doctorate degrees.

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