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English Language Teaching Programme

İngilizce Öğretmenliği Programı

Language is the most important power of a person who strives to understand, explain life we live in and to be understood, to achieve these goals. The importance of English, which has become the "the lingua franca " in our rapidly becoming smaller and globalizing multilingual and multicultural world, is in an indisputable position. The importance of English, which constitutes seventy percent of the internet content in our age, where digital access dominates almost every aspect of life and the transition from Generation Z to Generation Alpha, is increasing day by day in terms of following the world, understanding and being an active part of global processes.

English Teaching Program offers a comprehensive curriculum that aspires to develop a robust awareness and sensitivity, which are aimed at the structure, concepts, culture and speaking characteristics of English as well as Turkish and in compatible with the learning skills of the 21st century, in the global world where communication is mainly provided via the English language.

The curriculum of the program is based on a functional balance in which basic theoretical information is strengthened with practice. In this regards, our students who are trained as qualified and devoted teachers to the profession of the future, spend one day a week at primary schools and high schools by observing and practicing for two semesters.   Practices are first done in Marmara Educational Institutions, located in our University campus and in the surrounding schools.

Graduates of the English Language Teaching Program can work as English Teachers in private or state-run educational institutions, as instructors at Schools of Foreign Languages at universities, or those who prefer academic life can continue to study master's or PhD at university..


Assoc. Prof. Dr. A. Nejat TÖNGÜR
Head of Foreign Languages Department

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