Faculty of Education

Key Learning Outcomes

1. Explain the basic concepts of the education of children with special education inadequacy and their relations, as well as the factors that differ from general education in special education.
2. Participates in social and cultural activities related to the area, introduces the students to art and aesthetic concepts.
3. Selective / practicing by comparing effective and efficient method-techniques in special education practices.
4. Has enough foreign language and computer skills to follow foreign resources related to his / her field.
5. It reflects the developmental characteristics, individual differences and achievement levels of special needs students.
6. Produces solutions to the problems that may be encountered during the education and training applications related to the special education field.
7. Gain the ability to develop multidimensional assessments of individualized programme development, material design, implementation, and student development for students with special needs.
8. Reflects the current information that has been obtained by conducting a resource search on the special education field to the field applications.
9. Use scientific research methods and techniques in educational applications.
10. Takes responsibility in informative, skill-giving activities for individuals, families and communities related to special education, paying attention to the principles of impartiality and confidentiality in all these skills.
11. Applies educational solutions that are produced to provide communication and interaction between children with special needs and normal individuals.
12. Provides guidance on special needs children outside the area by providing communication between other occupational areas and the special education field.
13. Acquires proficiency to represent teaching knowledge, personal and social characteristics and uses Turkic language correctly and effectively.
14. Gains knowledge about the structure, function, aims and history of Turkish education system.
15. At all stages of his studies and researches on the field, national and universal sensitivities stated in the Basic Law of National Education show innovative and productive personality as well as showing respect for social, scientific, cultural and ethical values ​​in consciousness.

Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science