Vocational School



 To train well-equipped professional staff/technicians who are committed to ethical values, are researchers, entrepreneurs, open to change, self-confident, can take initiative, can use technology well, have internalized their profession, are aware of their responsibilities towards themselves and humanity, and have national and international standards.



Following the professional and technological change processes taking place at the universal and local level, adapting to these change processes, considering the social and technological needs, implementing a contemporary education and training in this direction, cooperating with the important national and international actors of the industry and service sector, to be a vocational school that has a global and local say in the fields in which we operate and that produces graduates in international standards that not only our country but also the world needs.


 Our school is a 2-year Higher Education Institution which provides education and training in connection with Maltepe University. On request, our students can study English Preparatory Class for 1 year at the beginning of their education.

Upon successful completion of our school, our students can register to the undergraduate programs which they can continue by DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam) and ÖSYM and they can have a Bachelor's Degree.

In our vocational school, Turkish education is provided in total of 16 day training programs. Our students are trained by the academicians and expert lecturers of Maltepe University in the theoretical and practical courses, equipped with the knowledge and skills of the age to meet the expectations of the working life. There is a compulsory 30-day internship for all our students. During their internship, they become ready for working life by applying the knowledge and skills they acquired at the school to the workplace. Many of our students become individuals who are recognized by their usefulness in this process. We aim to train qualified manpower to be professional.

Students who completed their education in our Vocational School; We aim to be sought after in the sector, expert in its field, rational, versatile, capable of solving problems, compatible, honest, happy experts.


Director of Vocational School

Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science