Maltepe University International Student Congress (MUISC22)




We summon all to be a part of a shared responsibility of discussing the future of the world we inhabit to the 9th Maltepe University International Student Congress on Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSOS).

We invite BA/MA and Ph.D. students majoring in multiple disciplines of social sciences and humanities, law, communication and education to re-imagine the world and a more democratic and sustainable future. The main theme of our congress will be “Towards Sustainable Societies: Prospects and Retrospects”.

Following the UN sustainable development goals of 2023 , this congress will raise questions to attendees and aims to discuss and find solutions following these main questions: 

  • What is the goal of sustainable development? 
  • Why is sustainable development so often associated with protecting the environment? 
  • Does sustainable development apply to all spheres of activity?
  • How does sustainable development make economic sense for society?
  • What principles of sustainable development must be taken into account by the public administration?
  • What can I do, as a citizen, for development to be more sustainable? 
  • How we can strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage?
  • How we can enhance property rights and access to land and natural resources to women can contribute to reduce gender inequalities, improve their livelihood options and poverty status?
  • How we can promote mechanisms for raising capacity for effective climate change-related planning and management in least developed countries and small island developing States, including focusing on women, youth and local and marginalized communities?


  • Access to Justice
  • Brand Activism
  • Building Social Dialogue
  • Challenges for Communication for Sustainable Development in Society
  • Communication of Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Cultural Policies for Sustainable Development
  • Data Privacy Ethics in Communication Technologies  
  • Debates on Middle Classes in the Post-pandemic Period
  • Education for Sustainable Development
  • Energy Decarbonization with Universal Access to Energy
  • Environmental Law
  • Equal Access to Information and Communication Technologies
  • Gender Equality and Law
  • Gender-Sensitive Communication
  • Global Climate Change and Its Social Costs
  • Green Logistics for Sustainable Development
  • Health Communication
  • Human Rights and Human Dignity
  • Impact of Logistics and Supply Chain Management on Sustainable Development
  • Importance of Public Relations in Corporate Sustainability
  • Media Ethics
  • Mental Healthcare, Well-being and Prosperity
  • Poverty, Income Distribution and Growth
  • Prospects for Biodiversity and Sustainable Ecosystem
  • Renewable Energy Law
  • State, Civil Society and Democracy
  • Sustainability Governance
  • Sustainable Food Systems and Healthy Nutrition
  • Sustainable Institutions for National Development Policies
  • Sustainable Land Management and Agricultural Policies
  • Tackling Hate Speech on Social Media Platforms
  • The Law of War
  • The Privatization of the Health and Human Services
  • Unemployment and Precariousness: Prospects for Equal and Fair Distributive Policies
  • Urban and Peri-urban Development
  • Water as a Human Right
  • Women's Empowerment  in Workplace, Marketplace and Community