Maltepe University International Student Congress (MUISC22)



Faculty of Medicine, School of Nursing, and Vocational School Students Local Organizing Committee at Maltepe University is pleased to announce the call for papers for the international students' congress on “HUMAN AND HEALTH IN THE EVOLVING WORLD” to be held at Maltepe University on MAY 12-13, 2022

We welcome submissions for individual papers that should be addressing:

  • Trends in Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Current and Emerging Diseases
  • About prevention and Public Awareness
  • Prospective and Retrospective Studies
  • Clinical and Laboratory Research
  • Research and Innovations in Medicine
  • Patient Rights in the Covid-19 era
  • Ethics in Nursing Practices
  • Impact of Climate Change on Human Health
  • Evidence-Based Nursing Practices
  • Technological Development in Healthcare Practices
  • Innovations in Nursing Practice
  • Teaching Technologies in Nursing Education
  • Individualized and Holistic Care in Acute and Chronic Diseases Patient Safety
  • Safety of Health Workers
  • Current Health Technology
  • The Role of Health Care Workers in the Covid-19 era
  • Current Guides in CPR Technics in terms of Newborn, Pregnant, Traumatic and Covid-19 Patient