Maltepe University Marmara Higher Education Female-Male Student Dormitories



Dining Hall Services

Our refectory serves with its fully equipped kitchen and professional team in hygiene rules. Our students can benefit from the dining hall all year round by purchasing full-board, half-board and menus with only one meal option or with prepaid cards that they can use whenever they want.


Cafe and Restaurants

Apart from the dining hall, there are cafes and restaurants within the various faculties that provide a variety of dining options. If requested, cafeterias and restaurants on our campus can serve orders up to the dormitory entrance doors of students. Our cafeterias are at the service of our students with TV broadcasting, sitting areas where they can host their guests, playground equipment (billiard pinball etc.).  


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Laundry Service
You can wash your laundries in our laundry room within our dormitory, for a fee.
If you request, your laundry is ironed by laundry officers for a fee. Our laundry provides service between 08:00 and 18:00 except Sunday and public holidays.


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Health Service
Our health center and fully equipped ambulance are available 24 hours a day for health problems that our students may experience.

Sports Opportunities
Marmara Education Village, where the student dormitory is located, is situated in wonderful nature and clean air among the pine forests. It offers a natural sports field for our students, a have free walking track, a full Olympic size swimming pool and basketball-football fields free of charge. Our students benefit from the fitness center, indoor and outdoor tennis courts at a discounted rate.

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Security Services
Marmara Education Village security unit provides 24-hour service with its professional team and security cameras. The entrance doors of the student dormitories are opened with encrypted electronic cards for each student and the entrance and exits are recorded by monitoring security cameras for 24 hours.

Internet and Study Room
There is unlimited wireless internet connection in our student dormitory for 24 hours. Apart from this, the study room, which has computers with internet connection, work desks, drawing desks and resting area, is offered to our students.

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Bank - ATM
Our campus has a bank branch and ATMs of the same bank.

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Other Opportunities

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5 Star Marma Hotel
Our 5-star Marma Hotel, located on our campus, provides discounted accommodation to students' relatives.
For detailed information and reservations:

Marma Hotel İstanbul Asia

+90 216 626 12 00