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Equal Opportunity in Education: Master of Business Administration in Distance Education (e-MBA)

The need for specialists in today's competitive, dynamic and technology-intensive business environment has become increasingly evident. The demand for individuals with enhanced competence in business life and improved skills in the field of management especially, has made it necessary to develop alternative higher education solutions. In recent years, the variety of graduate programs and the number of students participating in these programs have gradually increased. Additionally, because of intensive work environments and transportation problems, in order to meet the demands of the people that can’t benefit from formal education opportunities, e-MBA options have been developed.

T.C. Maltepe University is therefore pleased to offer its qualified and modern e-MBA program which aims to meet this new demand. The Institute of Social Sciences offers e-MBA opportunities in Turkish and English to individuals who want to be successful in business life and to enhance their personal competence in the field of management, but who prefer education opportunities that are independent of time and place because of their intensive work environment, and who want to benefit academically from their experience in the field of management. Our e-MBA program has been designed to blend the best global higher education models with  modern management theories and experience of the facts of today’s increasingly competitive global business life.

The e-MBA program can be completed in 3 academic semesters. Upon successful completion of a total of 10 required courses and submission of an additional graduation project, the student is awarded a YÖK approved Master of Business Administration diploma approved by YÖK In this program, courses are taught in English.

Students can access lessons which are enriched with effective animations and graphics via the Internet 24/7. Lessons are delivered by the MUDES distance education system which has been designed especially for this purpose and easy to use. By using MUDES, the students can also interact with their instructor during the lessons, all assignments can be submitted and mid-term exams can be carried out over Internet. However, students still need to come to campus once in a semester to take final exams in person.

We invite those of you who aim to enhance your personal competence to the challenge of an e-MBA, Master of Business Administration program that understands the facts of competitive business life.