Center for Distance Education Research & Application
Maltepe University

Frequently Asked Questions

When I graduate, will the phrase 'Distance Education' be included in the diploma?

In line with the decision taken by the Higher Education Institution, the diploma that will be taken by the students who enrolled as of the 2017-2018 Academic Year will include Distance Education.

What are the documents required to register?

The documents required for final registration are included in the Application and Fee section of the programs web site.

Can the distance education student benefit from the rights of other students attending formal education (social facilities, library, sports facilities, military service, transcripts etc.)?

The distance education student has all the rights of a Maltepe University student.

Is the right to make a make-up exam?

No. Students who cannot participate in the final exams for health reasons can submit their reports indicating their excuses.

Can I benefit from the university housing when I come to the university for the exam?

MARMA HOTEL is located on the campus of our university. Students can stay in the hotel for a fee if you make a pre-reservation within the quota during the final exams. For information;

How can we learn the exam results?

Exam results can be learned from MÜBİS system.

When are the final dates?

All important dates of the programs are available in the Academic Calendar section of the website.

How is the examination and evaluation done in graduate programs?

There are two types of exams in the distance education programs: mid-term and final exams. Instead of a mid-term exam project or homework can be given. In both cases, the impact of the exam or project on the grade point average of that course cannot exceed 20%. The weight of the final exam cannot be less than 80%.

The midterm exams will be held online (live) and the final exams will be held at a predetermined date in Maltepe Başıbüyük Campus (Saturday and Sunday) by supervisor.

Do I need to get to the university while watching the distance education program?

In the distance education program; There is no need to attend university in any way except to register and enter the final exams.

Can the instructors of the program be contacted?

Thanks to the messaging system in the learning management system, you can send e-mail to instructors or leave messages. At the same time, it is possible to communicate with the lecturers in the live lessons with voice and video.

Will the lessons of the previous week be deleted when the next week's classes are passed?

All live course recordings during the semester can be accessed from the system.

How does the process work in programs?

The courses in distance education programs are conducted as live virtual classroom between 20:00 - 23:00 hours. Courses can be recorded and monitored again. Mid-term exams are conducted in classrooms on campus through the learning management system. The responsible lecturer of the course can give project or homework at certain times and the students can upload the prepared documents to the learning management system. Students can access all course materials from the same system.

What level of computer knowledge is required to track the program?

Those who can use the internet in their daily life, can easily follow the current program with basic computer usage knowledge.

Is there a passing grade to finish the semester in the non-thesis MS program?

There is no term passing grade in distance education master programs. In order to graduate from the program, the average of all the courses you are responsible for should be 2.50 out of 4. Check your transcript GANO (Grade Point Average).

Is it mandatory to renew every semester?

Students do not have to renew their registration in normal study periods. However, they must choose courses at the beginning of the term. For this, they must follow the academic calendars.

What is the obligation to continue the program?

There is no obligation to attend classes in the program. Courses are conducted live and you can watch the courses you cannot attend 24/7 by logging into the system.

How many semesters consists of distance education master programs?

The normal duration of distance education without thesis is two semesters. If you cannot graduate, you have the right to extend one semester.

How can I get a diploma when I graduate?

The students who successfully completed the program have been approved by the Council of Higher Education. They are entitled to receive Maltepe University diploma. As a result of the application made to the European Commission within the scope of Bologna Process, Maltepe University was awarded with ECTS Labels and Diploma Supplement Labels in 2012.

How will the programs be charged?

Tuition fees will be charged in advance or in 12 installments. Students wishing to pay the tuition fees can also pay with bank credits.