Center for Distance Education Research & Application
Maltepe University

Final Exam Rules

  • In the exams, a pencil should be used to fill the optical answer sheet.

  • Students are required to have their ID cards (ID card, driver's license, student ID card) with them in the exams and show them when requested.

  • Normally, students must be in the exam room at least ten minutes before the exam begins. Supervisors are authorized to ensure seating order.

  • The supervisor who is responsible for the exam hall can change the location of the student or students they want, without showing any reason, both before and during the exam.

  • At the beginning of the exam, the students sign the "entrance examination report". Those who have signed this report are obliged to submit the exam paper.

  • Although it is essential for students to come to the hall before the exam, those who come within the first 15 minutes of the exams can be taken to the exam. If a student has left the exam hall for one reason or another, no student will be admitted to the exam hall, even after 15 minutes have passed.

  • Students who are in the exam hall at the time of the distribution of the questions are considered to have taken the exam. Therefore, students must have made their final decisions about whether or not to take the exam. After seeing the questions, it is not possible to exit the exam without signing the exam report and delivering the exam paper.

  • It is forbidden to leave the exam hall temporarily after the exam has started. It is entirely at the discretion of the supervisors to allow or not to grant permission in case of compelling reasons.

  • It is forbidden to keep mobile phones open during the exam, even if they are closed.

  • Instructors who are in the examination hall can dismiss students who disrupt the examination rules, order and functioning, prevent the exam from being held for a short or short period of time, insult the examiners, leave the exam hall before the time announced to them, and dismiss the exam staff from the exam hall, and administrative action is also taken about these people.