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Dear friends, after you create your cover letter and resume, you need to make your application to get the job you want by using the right channels. The important thing here will be to   make use of the time spent searching for an internship or job efficiently.

First of all, determining which field and what job you want to do will shape your search process. If you know what you want, you can determine your direction better. However, do not forget that companies today consider it an advantage for new graduates to have internship / part-time work experience. Doing an internship is more than learning on the job. Internship can give an idea to university students regarding the functioning of the dynamics in the workplace. When you reach the end of the internship period, the company may offer you to work together full time. After all, companies prefer to work with a candidate who knows their standards and whom they know.

The following will be your primary application channels in the job search process.

  • Job search sites, professional networks such as LinkedIn,
  • Human Resources Recruitment, Consultancy Companies, Private Employment Agencies,
  • Job search and internship web page of university,
  • Former graduates and acquaintances working in the fields you are interested in,
  • People you know at this institution (s) if you have done internship before,
  • Human Resources departments of the companies you want to work with.


Among job search sites;

  •, are among the most known and frequently used ones.
  • is the most widely used, largest professional social network. You too can save your resume information and follow the institutions you are interested in. In addition, during the job search process, you can get in touch with professionals from all sectors to connect you with both her knowledge and other people in her network.
  • Again, ​​is a resource that can be used for job search at national level.  
  • Besides, if you are looking for a job opportunity abroad, for example appears as a remarkable site.
  • For academic staff postings, ​​is the address you need to follow.
  • It is possible to reach sites such as for different, innovative initiatives.

You can also search more specific working sites according to the company, department and position you want to work with and you can take part in this eco-system by creating your resume and adding your own that you have already prepared. Keeping your resume up-to-date on these sites, entering the keywords related to your expectations correctly will not only benefit you while looking for a job, but also It will make it easier for your resume to stand out while human resources professionals scan resumes from the candidate pool.

Selection and Placement of Human Resources, Consultancy companies, generally known as Private Employment Agencies can also be considered as a channel where you can share your resume. You can access the contact information of these and similar companies in the provinces you are in, especially in Istanbul, and include them in your job search process. You can find the information of open / active institutions at İŞKUR Institution page!

In addition to the sites mentioned above, the page of our center is also an important resource you can consult to be informed about job postings. We include our collaborations with companies and their current announcements on our page. It is also possible for you to access site directly via MIKAM page.

Do not forget that people with whom you are in a one-on-one relationship, who know you, will also be able to help you with the institution /position that may be suitable for you and give you valuable guidance. You can get ideas from former graduates and people you know who work in the field you want to work in, and ask for their support in forwarding your resume to the institutions they are in contact with. Similarly, the officials in the institutions where you worked part-time, did an internship, participated in projects voluntarily, can be regarded as people whom you can inform in formal ways and ask for support and guidance during your job search process. After all, they really have an idea of ​​what kind of employee you are, and this could be an opportunity that gets you one step ahead of other unknown candidates.

Finally, you can prepare a list of companies you want to work with, You can follow the advertisements and interactions of these companies from all channels mentioned above and of course, you can send them your resume with your cover letter directly to  their contact addresses of human resources  (e-mail, social media accounts, return to calls, etc.). Non-governmental organizations related to your field of training can also be considered in this context.

When you are looking for a job, if you have characteristics that do not match the requirements of the advertisements that appear, for example, if it is an advertisement for Engineers and your education is not in this field, you should not apply to the advertisement.

Although the job search process is an exciting process at first, it can sometimes cause the feelings of anxiety, panic, sometimes overconfidence and sometimes excessive insecurity. Whether it is an internship or first work experience what matters here is to learn the lessons to be learnt from all processes, positive or negative as an individual who knows what he/she wants and expresses himself/herself properly. Just as much as thinking you know everything, thinking that you will never be wanted because you have no experience will decrease your motivation in this process. We hope it will be a process that you follow up wholesomely without falling into this feeling trap.