International Fine Arts Student Congress (IFASC)

Artwork Submission Guidelines


Congress Exhibition Participation Requirements 

“Another World” 

  • Applicants applying for the congress exhibition can apply with one artwork in areas of contemporary art such as painting, 

photography, graphic design, video-art, digital art and audio art. 

  • The artwork applied to the congress exhibition may have been exhibited before.However originality of the artwork is important. 

  • The applied artwork must fit this year’s theme “Another World” and its subtitles. 

  • Applicants can apply to the exhibition by themselves or as a team. 

  • There are no limitations on materials or techniques used.During the elimination process,evaluation will be done based on the application file. 

  • In areas such as painting, photography and graphic design, the applied artwork must be 50 x 70 cm in size. 

  • Other forms of applications must be able to be placed indoors or regulated to suit indoors. 

  • All of the artwork, information, documents etc. must be sent in the same e-mail attachment. A more detailed description can be seen below. 

  • The applied paintings,digital arts and screenshots of the video-arts in the application e-mail must be 50x70cm in size (smaller artworks will be accepted), JPEG in format and 300 dpi resolution.

  • Video-arts must be HD Quality and in DVD format.

  • The applicant’s CV, profile photograph, adress, telephone/fax number, e-mail adress, university, faculty, department etc. must be in a document attached to the application e-mail.This information must also be included in the form at

  • All applications must be made by e-mail by 6 March 2020. Applications made after this date will not be considered. 

  • The list of applicants and artworks selected for the exhibition will be announced on the congress page on 13 March 2020. 

The original size, ready to print images of the artwork selected for the exhibition,must be sent to the congress e-mail via wetransfer. 

The applicants will be considered to have accepted all the terms and conditions of this specification from the moment they apply for the exhibiton.