General Program



June 17, 2020, arrival,  13:00 pm  Conference Registration Desk will be opened, and Conference materials will be given,
Opening ceremony: In the morning,June 18, 2020, Opening Ceremony Talk by Huseyin Cakalli

The ceremony will be followed by conferences in sessions until evening and

June 18, 2020, 12:45 Conference remembrance photograph in front of Marma Asia Hotel 

June 18, 2020 19:00 pm Dinner at Home stay at home
June 19, 2020: conferences in sessions;
June 20, 2020: conferences in sessions;
June 21, 2020: excursion video online tour to Topkapi Palace, Ayasofia, Blue Mosque, and Basilice Cistern.area;



0) Opening Ceremony and Plenary Talks on June the 18th, Thursday, 2020, click on the words "Opening Ceremony and Plenary Talks" to see the scientific program of Opening Ceremony and Plenary Talks on June the 18th, Thursday, 2020

1) Title of Special Session: “Topology” organized by Ljubisa D. R. Kocinac, to see the scientific program of "Topology", click on the word "Topology"

2) Title of Special Session: “Analysis and Functional Analysis” organized by Ibrahim Canak, to see the scientific program of  “Analysis and Functional Analysis” click on the words “Analysis and Functional Analysis

3) Title of Special Session: “Sequences, series, summability” organized by Hacer Sengul,      to see the scientific program of     “Sequences, series, summability”,  click on the words “Sequences, series, summability

4) Title of Special Session: “Fixed Point Theory” organized by  Duran Turkoglu, and Hakan Sahin  to see the scientific program of  “Fixed Point Theory”,  click on the words  “Fixed Point Theory

5) Title of Special Session: "Numerical Functional Analysis" organized by Allaberen Ashyralyevand  Charyyar Ashyralyyev  to see the scientific program of    "Numerical Functional Analysis", click on the words "Numerical Functional Analysis"                   

 6)   Title of Special Session:    "Computer Science and Technology" organized by Sahin Uyaver,   to see the scientific program of   "Computer Science and Technology",  click on the words       "Computer Science and Technology" 

 7) Title of Special Session: “Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering” organized by Özay GÜRTUĞ, and Filiz CAGATAY UCGUN ,  to see the scientific program of “Mathematical Methods in Physics”,  click on the words   “Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering

8) Title of Special Session: “Applied Statistics” organized by Mujgan Tez, and Kadri Ulas Akay,  to see the scientific program of “Applied Statistics”,  click on the words   “Applied Statistics”