Our University


Marmara Educational Institutions started its educational activities with the motto “From Kin-dergarten to University” in 1991; respectively İstanbul Marmara Education Foundation (IMEV) was established in 1996 and Maltepe University (MU) was founded in 1997. The university which is a public entity was established by the Law No:4282 and subjected to Law No. 2547 and the provisions of the law and regulations related to the foundations and higher education institutions. The University received its first admissions in the year 1997 with additional quota placement.

Maltepe University which is affiliated to IMEV has been continuing the tradition of being a foundation by providing services in the education, health, environment, culture, art and social fields.

Marmara Education Village was founded with the aim of gathering IMEV and Marmara Edu-cational Instititons at the 1000 square hectometers of campus area and 300 square hectometers indoor area among the pine forest. Maltepe University is located in this village with the facul-ties of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Fine Arts, Law, Communication, Business and Management Sciences, Architecture and Design, Engineering and Natural Sciences, Medi-cine as well as the School of Nursing, Foreign Language School, Vocational School, Conserva-tory and Graduate Schools of Social Sciences, Science and Engineering and Health Sciences. Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine is located in Maltepe.  Today, Maltepe University, which has become an internationally recognized university, providing educational services with 9 faculties, 3 graduate schools, a conservatory, 2 schools, and a vocational school, provides ed-ucational services and basis for scientific researches and publications which aim to contribute to the science world. The Marmara Education Village Campus is also home to the Marmara Out-door Theatre with a seating capacity for 8,000 spectators. In addition, the campus has two film production studios covering 2000 square meters

Our University’s educational principles summarized with the motto of ‘Free in Thought, Mod-ern in Education and Universal in Science’. Main objective of Maltepe University is to prepare the youth to the future; the youth who internalize the fundamental principles of Turkish Repub-lic, obey all the rules of Ataturk and secular democracy; that are also active, rational, thinker, reader, researcher, producer, modern, intellectual and capable of competing in every field with the world’s youth.

Maltepe University places great emphasis on internationalization. With this approach in mind, exchange students and academic members are encouraged to get involved in the European Higher Education Area and the world. Existing international exchange programmes and double major degree programmes are indicators of  MU’s internationalizational approach. In line with this, Bachelor’s degree graduates have been given Diploma Supplements as of 2010, while Master’s and Ph.D. graduates have been started to be given Diploma Supple-ments in 2012.

The university, with an exclusive and experienced academic and administrative staff, offers programmes updated on a regular basis to follow the developments in the fields of science, technology and art, presents a wide range of academic infrastructure and facilities (laboratories, information and documentation center, internet access, etc.), discloses and shares scientific re-searches with the international scientific community and the public, and organizes social and cultural events that encourage community participation. On the whole, the academic and cultur-al atmosphere cultivated by Maltepe University has paved the way for it to be counted as a prominent institution in the Turkish University System and is also a firm evidence of the Uni-versity's successful achievement in its institutionalization process.


Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science