Maltepe University Graduate School


Maltepe University Graduate Programs are waiting for students who do not limit their career goals.
Maltepe University, providing graduate education since 1999, stands out with specialists in their fields, full time academic members having sector experience, abundance of academic substructure facilities and graduate programs that can be updated according to the development and expectations of the age. For those being into humananities and social sciences and  willing to specialise, there are 29 graduate programs with thesis, 23 graduate programs without thesis, 3 distance learning graduate programs, 10 doctoral programs and 1 Program of Proficieny in Art. In the field of Natural science, there are 9 graduate programs with thesis, 8 graduate programs without thesis and 2 Doctoral Programs. In the field of Health, there are 6 gradute programs with thesis, 3 graduate programs without thesis and 1 doctoral program. Maltepe University, with its 95 educational programs in total, provides those willing to crown their education on graduate level for the purpose of increasing their knowledge and skills, furthering their career in the selected field, contributing to our country’s science and art at all points and enriching their intellectual power with opportunity of a broad competence, knowledge and skill acquisition.

Graduate Programs Start After Daily Working Hours at Maltepe University
Maltepe University, putting educational  services out of working hours in order not to prevent its students professional lives, treassures giving oppurtunity to students of all ages who have to postpone their dreams of having graduate education because of the constraints of working life or who want to be one step ahead on career path.

Being at a World University
Maltepe University, setting off with the aim of being  “A World University”, also enables its students to have half a year  education abroad with ERASMUS +  exchange programs.
In line with the agreements with International Baccalaureate Organization (IB),  students meeting the conditions are given International Baccalaureate Advanced Leadership certificate in the field of Educational Administration and Supervision. Maltepe University, offers an advantage for those who set their career routes abroad by registering its diplomas’ international validity with Diploma Supplement it gives. Maltepe University, implementing the most contemporary educational methods and techniques, has proved to be pioneer and assertive with its genuine Distance Education model by challenging restraints of time and place.

Campus Life in the Middle of Nature
Maltepe University has been carrying out graduate programs in Marmara Eğitim Köyü, university’s central campus, thereby providing students of graduate programs with all the facilities completely from campus life, library service to all educational substructure.

Specialized Knowledge in Compliance with Interest
Maltepe University, by opening mainly selective courses,  enables its students to set their expertise and career goals themselves with the courses both from their own programs and also different courses.

OUR VISION (What do we want to be?)
Our vision is to be aware of the never-ending and never-completed nature of learning with the approach of "free in thought, modern in education, universal in science"; to enable individuals who will contribute to the development of our country and the world in every aspect and to specialize in their fields; and to ensure them to specialize in the fields; to be a pioneering and respected institute in the future design with its national and international partners.

OUR MISSION (What do we want to achieve?)
By regarding the national and global priorities, our institution has a mission to consistenly increase the level and the quality of education, research-development and community service and art; to watch and motivate the dynamics of change and development in a multidisciplinary way and in cooperation with internal/external partners; to contribute to the progress and development of ethical/humane/ vocational values; to raise competent, creative, reformist, versatile, happy and reputable individuals. 

Our quality policy is to train entrepreneurial and innovative graduates who will be hunted by employers, rather than hunting jobs themselves; to contribute the present and future by producing new information and technology to national and international agencies and institutes; to head towards success that focuses on partner satisfaction; to promote continuous improvement with a sustainable quality management system contributing to the increase of the quality of education, research and development, social activities as well as national welfare.

Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science