Double Major & Minor Programs

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Double Major or Minor programs are offered at our university for students who are interested in other departments while studying in the departments they are registered in and want to study the courses of these department they are interested in. Double Major and Minor programs allow students to take courses from other departments close to their field and to receive a diploma or certificate upon successful completion of the program. Students enrolled in these programs are required to complete the courses in the curricula of the departments in which they do Double Major or Minor as well as the courses in their own departments. In this respect, in order for students to complete these programs in a reasonable time, there is mutual agreement between departments that have many common courses in their curriculum and are close to each other in terms of field and Double Major & Minor programs are opened between these departments.

The student must first graduate from his/her own major program in order to complete the Double Major program. After graduating from the major, our graduates who have successfully completed the Double Major program are given separate diplomas in both majors.

Students take the courses determined by the relevant department in order to gain knowledge or expertise in a different field in addition to their major education and receive a certificate instead of a diploma at the end of the program in the minor program.

Second and third-year students can apply to Double Major and Minor programs. Final year students and students who have not yet completed their first year cannot apply. While it is not possible to attend two different Double Major programs at the same time, it is possible to attend a Double Major and a Minor program at the same time. It is required to have cumulative grade point average minimum of 3.00 to apply for double major programs and minimum 2.50 to apply for minor programs. In addition, candidates who will apply for a double major must be in the top 20% in the success ranking in their classes in terms of grade point average.

Announcement on Double Major and Minor Applications are made regarding in which programs Double Major and Minor can be offered, application dates and quotas on this page during the application periods. Candidates make their applications through the online system on the registration dates specified in the calendar and their final registration is made by Directorate of Student Affairs. The evaluation of the applications is made by the Faculty / School Boards in line with the principles and guidelines determined by the Higher Education Council.

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