Atatürk's Principles and Reforms Application and Research Center

The objective of the Department of the History of the Turkish Revolution is informing students about the conditions in which the Turkish Republic was founded, making them adopt Atatürk’s principles as their own and informing them about Atatürk as a great state man, about his revolutionary character and leadership, nationalism approach rejecting racism, efforts to establish international peace as well as his character as a soldier. The objectives of the department also include explaining the reasons why not only Turkish people but also the rest of the mankind need to apply his principles more than ever with sample cases, organising exhibitions by making use of visual materials as much as possible while covering the topics in class, providing students with a more clear and continuing understanding of the topics by means of films, dia shows and similar activities.Meetings,panels,and conferences are organized to srve this purpose.

 Maltepe University, w hich has accepted to be ‘Modern in Science and Free in Thought’ as a main principle, educate young people to be the young elements of the brilliant future of our country by making them aware of this principle.   Taking these activities to the other educational institutions from the primary schools to the universities, providing the modern and enlightening associations such as Ataturkist Thought Association, supporting the Modern Life Association and the similar ones that serve the public with the required support are the other objectives of the department.

Another objective of the department is supporting the consolidation of ‘Ataturkist Thought’ by preparing special issues like ‘The First Step to Revolution’ on May 19, ‘Independence Special Issue’ on April 23, ‘The Armenian File’ on April 24, ‘Republic is virtue’ on October 29 and ‘Remembering Atatürk’ on November 10 as a supplement to the monthly in-house magazine ‘Günaydın Marmara’  and by sending thousands of these newspapers to the related public and private sectors.

In conclusion; making efforts in any type of scientific research and development in order to protect the foundations, which will maintain the country’s entirety forever, of the Turkish Republic that is a modern, democratic and a secular state of social law and is inseparable from its people and land with the dynamic power of youth that is determined in the way of ‘Living as an Ataturkist, Living as Atatürk’ is among the objectives of the Department of the History of Turkish Revolution.

Free in Thought, Modern in Education, Universal in Science