4th International Academics Exhibition


Maltepe University Faculty of Fine Arts is bringing the 4th edition of the annual Academicians Exhibition to an international extent this year. Maltepe University Faculty Fine Arts will host works by many academic artists and designers from Turkey and around the world with the theme 4th International Academics Exhibition “SINIRLAR ARASINDA / BETWEEN THE BORDERS”.

The concept “BORDER”; finds its meaning in a broad framework within the possibilities of thought. This framework is again bordered by the limits set by personal and social norms, political limits, the limits of language, gender discrimination and so on.

Sometimes the limits imposed on people push the existing possibilities together with art in a strong direction. A lot of the time the possibilities of the odds, the possibilities lurking at the borders, potential openings, various definitions and queries, exclusiveness and marginalization has a way of calming us and cherishing our sense of justice.

In that case;

Do borders protect us?  

Do borders make us safe?

Does it confront a sense of trust in the fight against injustice and inequality??

Can we take the risk of getting hurt “physically” or “mentally” once we’ve set borders or once we’ve crossed them?

Can we continue living “peacefully” inside borders set by others?

Can/Do “Artistic norms” limit the artist and production?

Does “Art Production” recognize limits?

Is it possible to aim for “crossing the borders” with the “power of art”?

With 4th International Academics Exhibition;

We invite you to understand and define “borders” with the ideas of artists, views and approaches.


Clause 1:


The aim of the exhibition held every year in our faculty is to exhibit interdisciplinary works of art produced by academic artists and designers.

Clause 2:


The 4th International Academics Exhibition”s theme is set to be “Sınırlar Arasında / Between The Borders” which will be hosted by the Maltepe University Fine Arts Faculty.

Participations includes; works produced in areas such as painting, sculpture, ceramic, graphics, photography, cinema works.

Applications will be assessed by the international jury. 

Clause 3:

Academic staff from all areas of Fine Arts Faculties can participate. Each participant can join with no more than 2 (two) works.


Clause 4:

  1. The exhibition is open to national and international applicants
  2. It is required for the applicant to be an academic at a University Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Art and Design or related departments.
  3. It is possible to participate in disciplines such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphics, short film and videoart.
  4. Each participant can participate with maximum 2 (two) works. The long side of the works shouldn’t be greater than 2m (metres) and the short side should not be less than 50 cm.
  5. Any technique is accepted.
  6. In order to participate in the exhibition with a short film and/or video artwork, the film must be uploaded to the video sharing websites.
  7. If the platform “Youtube” is used, the video should be uploaded in the “unlisted ”category, if the platform “Vimeo” is used it should be uploaded under “unlisted” or “encrypted”.
  8. Videos must be loaded at a minimum resolution of 1080p.
  9. English subtitles of the films must be uploaded as an option on the video platform.
  10. Applicants must send photographs of the works -maximum 2 (two)- with which they want to participate in high resolution (300dpi and .jpeg format), and their short resume in English-Turkish with no more than 250 words, as well as the work tags (Title, year, technique and dimensions of the work)  as a Word document to the following email adress: [email protected] 
  11. Information and visual documents related to the works should be sent in digital media by Monday, January 20, 2020 at the latest. Works selected by the jury for the exhibition will be notified to the participants on Monday, January 27, 2020 by e-mail.
  12. The owners of the selected works; are obliged to send their works until Thursday 30 January 2020 and retr them at the end of the exhibition.
  13. Each faculty participating in the exhibition should fill in the Annex-3 form and collectively send the information to the aforementioned e-mail address of Maltepe University Faculty of Fine Arts.
  14. The faculties are responsible for coordinating the delivery of information, documents and works requested from the participating faculty members.
  15. At the end of the exhibition, Maltepe University will send the works by shipment to the address indicated by the participant in the participation form.
  16. Maltepe University is not responsible for any damages that may occur from the moment the works are submitted to the shipment company until the works are delivered to the owners and/or during the exhibition process.


  • Prof.Dr. Hüsnü DOKAK
    Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department Instructor
  • Prof. Sema ILGAZ TEMEL
    Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Graphic Department Instructor
  • Prof.Dr. Nihad BEQIRI
    Macedonia Tetova University Instructor
  • Assistant Professor Erkan ÖZDİLEK
    Maltepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Graphic Department Instructor
  • Assistant Professor Seyit Mehmet BUÇUKOĞLU
    Maltepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Head of Graphic Department   
  • Assistant Professor Kerim KILIÇARSLAN
    Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty, Fine Arts Faculty Painting Department
  • Ernst HESSE
    Dusseldorf Kunst Academie Instructor


  • Assistant Professor Erkan ÖZDİLEK
    Maltepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Graphic Department Instructor


  • Research Assistant Yusuf Tolga ÜNKER
    Fine Arts Faculty Graphic Design Department  (Interphone: 2756)


Clause 5:

  1. The owner of the work must sign the document presented in Annex-1 which they will fulfill the obligations specified and put it in a closed envelope to be attached to the back of the work and ensure that it is sent to the specified address.
  2. The works should be sent ready to be exhibited, if there’s a specific way the work should be exhibited it should be specified in Annex-2
  3. The shipping and return shipping fees of the works are not provided by the university.
  4.  The travel and accommodation expenses of the owners whose works are to be exhibited shall be borne by them. The sending of the works selected by the related Faculty of Fine Arts and Design to the specified address belongs to the related deans.


The exhibition will be opened at Maltepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Mehmet Özen Art Gallery on February 11, 2020 at 14.00.


Research Assistant Yusuf Tolga ÜNKER
Maltepe University Fine Arts Faculty Deanry
Marmara Eğitim Köyü 34857 Maltepe-İSTANBUL
Tel: 0216 626 10 27

444 65 87

[email protected]

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