2021-2022 ACADEMIC YEAR SUMMER SCHOOL Procedures, Calender and Fees

Summer School APPLICATIONS will be taken ONLINE.

Lessons will be held face to face. There will be follow-up.

Only 2021-2022 Fall-Spring courses will be offered in the Summer School.

Course load in Summer School is limited to 3 courses or 10 credits. That is, the sum of 3 courses can be 20 credits; 10 credits can be in 5 courses.


For students whose course selections are on probation, the application will be made within the framework of the Regulation article below.

Course Repetition
Article 24 (Official Gazette dated 11.08.2013 and numbered 28732)

(1) Students on probation who fail a course by getting one of the grades F, U, NA have to take the course in the first semester it is opened.


In accordance with the Senate Decision dated 16.06.2017 and numbered 11, to be valid in the Summer School; Students who have at most two courses left for graduation and who are able to take the additional exams defined in the 26th Article of Maltepe University Graduate and Undergraduate Programs Education and Examination Regulations (the ones who enrolled in the courses shown in the curriculum of the department/program within the normal education period, students who have fulfilled the course attendance requirements and have reached the graduation stage except for the courses that only consist of practice in the curriculum such as project, design, planning and workshop courses) will be able to enroll in 4 courses in the Summer School.

NOTE: According to the relevant Senate decision, students who have the right to take the additional exam defined in Article 26 of the Regulation will be given the right to choose the 4th course.


The purpose of Summer School is;

a) To provide additional education opportunities to students who couldn’t take some courses in the Fall or Spring semesters; who have failed (F,U,NA) in the course they have taken or who want to repeat a course they have passed in order to increase their GPA (Grade Point Average),

b) By ensuring that students can take some courses in advance, to balance the course load during the year, to increase the options of those who participate in Double Major and Minor programs and to shorten the education period,

c) To ensure that students at other universities and those working in related business lines benefit from the courses given at the University,

ç) To utilize the education and training opportunities of the university in the summer months and to increase the efficient use.

2021-2022 Academic Year Summer School course registration/request collection will be carried out between 27 June and 08 July 2022, within the limits of the above-mentioned course load. Students are required to pay the full fee for the courses they request to the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department until 16:00 on Friday, 08 July 2022. After the payment, students will make and approve their course/section selections over MUBIS simultaneously with their advisors between 18-22 July 2022.

The following students are accepted to the Summer School:

a) Except for Prep Class students who freeze their registration after studying for one or two years; Maltepe University students who do not have a situation that prevents them from continuing the Summer Education in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation such as registration freeze, leave and suspension,

b) Students enrolled in another university and those who want to attend classes within the framework of lifelong education, whose applications have been approved by YÖEK.

Students registered in another higher education institution will also be able to enroll. These students will be able to register between 25-29 July 2022, after the finalized courses are announced on the website on Monday, 25 July 2022.

Application link for students enrolled in another higher education institution:




According to Article 17 of Maltepe University Summer Education Regulations:

(1) Students can take courses from another university in the Summer School in the following cases and with the approval of the relevant board:

a) The course that the student applied for pre-registration has been closed due to insufficient quota,

b) The course is not in the pre-registration list,

c) Acceptance of the student's excuse by the relevant board.

(2) Students who meet the conditions in the first paragraph of this article and who want to take courses from another university must apply to the relevant Faculty/School/Conservatory/Vocational School with a petition and document the code, name, credits and hours of the courses they want to take.

In order for students registered at Maltepe University to take Summer Education courses/courses from other higher education institutions; They must have completed the Summer Education payment and registration procedures at our University in accordance with the specified processes, and the relevant course/courses MUST NOT HAVE BEEN OPENED AT OUR UNİVERSİTY.


School of Nursing, Nursing Program, Intern I and Intern II courses in the 7th and 8th Semesters will be opened in the 2021-2022 Summer School with the Senate Decision dated 19/06/2019, to be valid for students who are in the graduation stage and have only one remaining course from the related Intern courses,

In order for a course to be opened, there must be at least "4" students in the class and the relevant Faculty/School/Conservatory/Vocational School must approve the opening of the course.

Weekly Course Schedules will be announced on the web pages of the Faculty/School/Conservatory/Vocational School on Monday, July 25, 2022.

Students whose requested course(s) are closed and/or not opened will be able to get their paid fees back as of August 26, 2022. However, it is not possible to reimburse the tuition fees for the requested courses and the courses that are opened.



  1. Students who do not apply between 27 June-08 July 2022 cannot register for courses later.
  2. Weekly Course Schedules for the courses to be opened will be prepared by the Academic Units in a way that there will be no overlapping, taking into account the sections in which each student is registered.
  3. Among the students who applied between 27 June and 08 July 2022, whose courses were not opened will be able to apply to the relevant Faculty/School/Conservatory/Vocational School between 18-22 July 2022 and register for another course, offered instead of the one that is not opened.
  4. Courses registered in the Summer School are not dropped, and the withdrawal process is not applied.
  5. Classes may be held on Saturday and Sunday as there will be many lessons.
  6. 7. For detailed information about the School of Foreign Languages ​​Preparatory Class Summer Education, click here.






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