COVID-19 Guidance and Information

Rector’s Message


My Dear Students,

The determinations made under the name of “New Normalization” in the context of pandemic last year included the specifics of taking up a personal and institutional attitude towards the extraordinary situation. This extraordinary situation has provided each of us and each of our institutions with the opportunity to review ourselves, to get to know ourselves better, to rejuvenate ourselves, and to gain a deeper understanding of the present and future. We have had a lot of experiences, learned a lot of things, and attempted to achieve a lot of things together. Thoroughly public administration, the system that we are affiliated and the Higher Education Council guided all universities in a cooperative and participative understanding.

The Council of Higher Education has re-published the guide, which was first published last year with an emphasis on the  "new normalization", this time under the name of the Guide on Practices for Education and Training Processes in the Global Epidemic (August 2021).


As in the previous year, the guide includes "“Distance Education Practices”, “Applied Trainings”, “Assessment and Measurement Practices”, “International Students”, and “Meetings, Conferences and Exchange Programs”.

As Maltepe University, we promptly commented on the guidance published last year; we compared what we accomplished as a university to what is included in the guide and have demonstrated how sensitive we are to above-mentioned topics.

We have carried out following activities much influentially in the recent year:

  • First of all, we have organized our campus as a safe place in YÖK (Higher Education Council)-TSE (Turkish Standard Institution) quality assurance for all educational levels.


  • We were granted an award of “Barrier-free University” by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) in the context of Graduate School. (
  • With our Distance Education Application and Research Center (, which we have institutionalized, and our Learning Management System (LMS) we use, we have always stood by you, our respected students, in the distance education practices that we began with great foresight years ago.
  • We established the Learning and Teaching Application and Research Center for the benefit of all internal and external stakeholders of our university. (
  • We have done a lot of work on different subjects through the center in question by thoroughly internalizing the concept of "training the trainer."
  • We updated the course contents by meeting the requirements of today's educational technologies and enriched them with visual materials.
  • We have updated our syllabuses by the understanding of full sustainability.
  • In the updated syllabuses, you will be able to see all studies to be performed during the semester.
  • We will communicate with you on a regular basis through our Learning Management System.
  • Each of you will select your courses with the support of your academic advisors as of 27.09.2021, and begin face-to-face education as of 04.10.2021.
  • Most of your course will be face-to-face, some will be synchronous-asynchronous online, and some will be blended (hybrid),
  • Your applied courses will be held face-to-face in compliance with COVID-19 rules.
  • You will also be able to watch and follow the lessons to be held in our smart classrooms remotely.
  • We will consider the face-to-face and online opportunities for the assessment and evaluation efficiently and effectively.
  • You are very well aware how sensitive we are in protecting and improving the right of our students coming from abroad and joining us including Erasmus students to benefit from the qualified education indeed.


  • Maltepe University stands by your side through the "Disabled Student Unit," which operates on the "Barrier-Free University" philosophy. (
  • In 2021-2022, our Student Clubs/Communities will be operating as usual. With your activities, our campus will be colorful and entertaining every day.
  • The Guidance and Psychological Counseling Unit, which provides service under the umbrella of the Health, Culture and Sports Department, is easily accessible whenever you need it. (
  • Along with the Career Planning course we include in our curriculum, our Alumni Communication and Career Research Center ( )  will guide you all in this regard, as always
  • Meanwhile, I recommend you to read the Guide to Education and Teaching Processes Practices in the Global Epidemic and visit the following page.. (
  • By the way, if you haven't been vaccinated, I would like to remind you once again that you should be vaccinated for your own and others' health. The information on our Covid-19 page in this context will enlighten you.



My Dear Students,

Maltepe University is ready to welcome you with its “open door” approach, which is applied together with all its stakeholders through its renewed campus in every respect..

I wish you all healthy, successful and happy days


Prof. Dr. Şahin KARASAR