Enviromental & Energy Research Center



 Maltepe University Enviromental & Energy Research Center

Maltepe University Environment & Energy Research Center (CEVENTAM) supports and aims to produce leading energy research which draws on the expertise of leading researchers across Maltepe University's departments in Engineering and Natural Sciences, and in Management and Social Science and Humanities.

CEVENTAM was born in 2013 out of the realization that energy challenges cross conventional discipline boundaries and that new ways of thinking about and conducting energy research are required. CEVENTAM will soon be grown into a nationally leading institution, recognized for its ability ready to apply new methods and perspectives to existing and emerging energy challenges. By unlocking research synergies between different disciplines and sectors, CEVENTAM aims to produce major breakthroughs in our understanding of how to best meet the National Energy demands in the future.

We emphasise a ‘Science and Society’ approach to energy which tackles the societal aspects of energy technology as well as developing new energy technologies and solutions for the benefit of society. We have a range of expertise in energy technologies such as whole energy systems, renewables generation ( solar, wind, bio-fuels) and ,  energy storage  ,energy materials.

Working together across departments, enables us to build on a leading research in specifically renewable energy and its technology areas integrating perspectives from Management , Economics, Humanities and cultural studies to generate insights into how technology is driven by, adopted by, and influences society and its future.

CEVENTAM  addresses energy challenges collaboratively through strong partnerships with industryinternational partnersgovernments, community groups and other academic institutions. This ensures our research is relevant, timely and effective.

If you would like to be added to the CEVENTAM events mailing list, please email [email protected] maltepe.edu.tr

From Social Sciences to Physics and Engineering &Sciences  Maltepe Environment & Energy Research Center covers the spectrum of energy research in which we excel most are those which lie at the boundaries between the traditional technical disciplines and the social sciences and humanities. We encourage such interdisciplinary work as we feel these areas will yield major breakthroughs. The small size and compact nature of our university is to create immense advantage as it naturally stimulates interactions between departments and that of diverse  disciplines. Thus, this makes us so responsive and we can quickly assemble and exchange of the findings of our research teams when needed.